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EMN Conference 2011

EMN Conference 2011 in Warsaw

On 25 October 25 2011, the Polish National Contact Point to the European Migration Network (PL EMN NCP) held the annual European Migration Network Conference: “Combating irregular migration: practical responses". The event was included into the official Calendar of the Polish Presidency (July-December 2011).

The goal of the EMN Conference on irregular migration was to bring together experts to exchange good practices, experiences and views on irregular migration and practical measures to combat this phenomenon. The Conference aimed to be a high-profile event and would dovetail with the European Migration Network Study 2011 Practical measures for reducing irregular migration, which was completed by the end of 2011. The synthesis report on illegal migration is to be published in the second half of 2012.

It also acted to highlight the recent work of the Frontex Agency concerning coordination of projects and joint operations between Member States and other partners with the aim of strengthening external border security as well as the Fundamental Rights Agency in relation to the fundamental rights of irregular migrants. Priorities of the Polish Presidency, which assigns importance to the protection and management of borders and development of the Eastern dimension of the Global Approach to Migration, were expressed too.

The Conference also presented an opportunity to raise awareness about the irregular migration and engage with a wider audience of policy makers and practitioners at EU and national levels to discuss it. 

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