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The WroMigrant project is starting to offer help to migrants in Wrocław

Consultation points have started operating in Wrocław, and the first Wrocław-based information guide and intercultural consultants for migrants has been created.

The WroMigrant program is urban information points and activities for migrants both already living here and those who are just coming to Wrocław. Points are to help them find their place in the city by providing information and legal support in many important everyday and official matters. At WroMigrant points you can find out where and how to settle formalities, get more information on legalization of stay and work, assigning a PESEL number, renting an apartment, or checking in in Wrocław. The consultants will also advise on how to take advantage of medical care, the education system and the offer of learning Polish in our city.
Migrants will also learn about workshops and trainings at which they will learn practical skills needed to navigate Polish everyday life. Information is provided in Ukrainian, Russian, English, German and Polish. In general, there is no need to book an appointment in WroMigrant. However, for complex cases that require legal consultation, it's better to make an appointment in advance.
With a view to migrants and intercultural consultants, the WroMigrant Facebook profile and the first WroMigrant guide in Wrocław were also created.
The full article is available at:,ruszyl-projekt-wromigrant-oferuje-pomoc-migrantkom-i-migrantom-we-wroclawiu,wia5-3266-53553.html

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