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450 thousand foreigners with residence permits

As we can read on the website of the Office for Foreigners, the number of foreigners with valid residence permits in Poland has exceeded 450,000.

In the first half of this year, this group grew by almost 27,000 foreigners. The citizens of Ukraine and young people under 35 years of age predominate. From 450 thousand foreigners who currently have valid residence permits, the largest groups are citizens of: Ukraine - 237 thousand people, Belarus - 28 thousand, Germany - 20.9 thousand, Russia - 12.8 thousand, Vietnam - 11.5, thousand, India - 10.2 thousand, Italy - 8.5 thousand, China - 7.9 thousand, Georgia - 7.1 thousand. and Great Britain - 6.3 thousand. In the first half of 2020, the greatest increase among foreigners settling in Poland concerned the following citizens:

- Ukraine - by 21.8 thousand people;
- Belarus - by 2.4 thousand;
- Georgia - by 1.5 thousand;
- Moldova - by 0.7 thousand;
- Turkey - by 0.3 thousand

Definitely the largest number of foreigners have temporary residence permits, which may be issued for a maximum of 3 years. Currently, almost 267 thousand people poses these kind of documents. The group of foreigners entitled to permanent residence and long-term resident permits amounts to 95.8 thousand. Almost 82 thousand citizens of the Member States of the European Union have a registered residence in Poland.
About 58 percent of foreigners with valid residence permits in Poland are persons under 35 years of age. Slightly over 38 percent. are people in the 35-59 age range, and 4 percent over 60 years of age.
Foreigners prefer to settle in regions with large urban centres offering work or study opportunities. The most popular voivodships are: mazowieckie - 119.5 thousand people, małopolskie - 51.5 thousand, wielkopolskie - 38.5 thousand, dolnośląskie - 36.4 thousand and łódzkie - 27.9 thous.

The above data does not include persons staying in Poland temporarily under visa-free travel or on the basis of issued visas. It does not include temporary residence permits, the validity period of which has been temporarily extended due to the introduction of an epidemic emergency and epidemic status.


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