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Inter-ministerial Committee on Migration agreed on the 'The Polish Migration Policy: current state of play and further actions'

On the 20th July 2011, in the Ministry of the Interior and Administration took place XII Plenary Session of the inter-ministerial Committee on Migration - the Prime Minister advisory body. During this meeting one of the documents of crucial importance was agreed. After consultations with civil society the Committee passed the resolution on approval of the final document 'The Polish Migration Policy: current state of play and further actions'. The final document was then submitted to the PM.

Consultations on the draft document with the members of inter-ministerial Committee on Migration and members of the Working group on elaboration of Polish Migration Strategy within inter-ministerial Commitee on Migration lasted since February 2009; in June 2011 the stage of consultations with civil society ended. 

Additionally, during the XII Plenary Session, members of inter-ministerial Committee on Migration exchanged information considering actions taken in the matter of migration and asylum organized within the framework of the Polish Presidency of the EU Council as well as brand-new legal proceedings and solutions adopted in the scope if migration. Current migration situation in Poland, number of foreigners applying for an international protection status, information regarding the status of agreements on the local border traffic regime and Card of the Pole were also presented to the Committee.

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