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Foreigners relocated from Malta already in Poland

Five persons that Poland relocated from Malta under the EUREMA II EU program landed at the Warsaw airport on 17th January. The EUREMA II project aims at internal relocation from Malta to other member states of beneficiaries of international protection and those who apply for relocation due to excessive concentration of beneficiaries in the island and its limited absorption capacities.

  • Source:
  • Source: "EASO fact finding report on intra-EU relocation activities from Malta" (2012)
    Source: "EASO fact finding report on intra-EU relocation activities from Malta" (2012)

Among beneficiaries relocated to Poland there are four citizens of Somalia and one person from Eritrea. The foreigners were accommodated in the reception centre in Dębak, then they will decide whether they prefer to receive the benefits within the centre or outside.

The foreigners had already undergone a session of cultural orientation organised in Malta by IOM. At present they are under the care of a culture assistant from the Foundation for Somalia. As planned they will also attend an intensive course of the Polish language organised by the Linguae Mundi Foundation.

The above relocation of persons in the asylum procedure to Poland has been the first in the history of our participation in the EUREMA EU program. During the first edition of the program, although Poland declared willingness to receive in the territory of Poland six persons relocated from Malta, no relevant applications from foreigners covered by the program were lodged.

In the nearest future one more person is going to be received from Malta. In total under the second edition of the program, Poland offered to receive 50 persons. This gesture of solidarity with Malta, the country under migration pressure, is of crucial importance for Poland also due to the fact that as a country at the edge of the EU Poland may be in the same situation in the future.

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