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Annual Policy Reports

Annual Policy Reports (Annual Reports on Immigration and Asylum) are to help monitor progress in the implementation of the measures described in the 'European Pact on Immigration and Asylum', which the European Council adopted at its meeting on 15/16 October 2008 and the five-year 'Stockholm Programme - An open and secure Europe serving and protecting the citizens' (adopted on 10/11 December 2009). The Policy Reports contribute also to the Commission’s Annual Reports on Immigration and Asylum and Staff Working Documents, reviewing progress made in the implementation of asylum and migration policy. These documents are then discussed by the European Council and European Parlament.

Since 2012 Country Factsheets (are short outputs updated on an annual basis which present up-to-date information on policy developments in migration and international protection in Member States, including latest statistics) are drafted on the baisis of theEMN Annual National Policy Reports.

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