Europejska Sieć Migracyjna

Integracja beneficjentów ochrony międzynarodowej/humanitarnej na rynku pracy

The overall aim of the Study is to inform the target audience (e.g. practitioners, policy officers, decision-makers at both EU and national level including academic researchers and the general public, the Commission and the European Asylum Support Office) on the application of integration support measures for beneficiaries of international / humanitarian protection in relation to labour market access and participation, identifying existing policies and good practices. More specifically the Study aims to:

  • Review the legal and policy framework concerning labour market access rights, reviewing in particular the existence and occurrence of administrative and practical obstacles to access the labour market; Analyse similarities and differences in the organisation and content of labour market integration policies for beneficiaries of international/humanitarian protection;
  • Examine which employment-related support measures Member States offer to beneficiaries of international/humanitarian protection, investigating the extent to which these can and are being accessed by the target group;
  • Examine the availability of tailored employment-related support measures to beneficiaries of international/humanitarian protection (i.e. special provisions which are different from those available to third-country nationals legally residing in the (Member) State territory);
  • Examine whether and to what extent Member States grant similar rights and benefits regarding labour market access and employment-related support measures to refugees and to beneficiaries of subsidiary and humanitarian protection, identifying any differences in the treatment of the statuses as well as overall differences between refugees and beneficiaries of subsidiary and humanitarian protection on the one hand and legally residing third-country nationals on the other; To the extent possible, seek to identify good practices concerning Member States’ policies on labour market access/participation and the provision of employment-related support measures to refugees, beneficiaries of subsidiary and humanitarian protection.
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Europejska Sień Migracyjna
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